After Cezanne

I spent some time this week at the "After Cezanne" exhibit at LA's Museum of Contemporary Art this week.

Schimmel, as usual, has constructed a compelling experience, with pieces carefully chosen from the permanent collection. Lichtenstein's "Man With Folded Arms" is hauntingly sensual, and "Glimmer" offers a voyeuristic journey into the eye[soul]eye of the watcher; we observe the observer, watching us, watching the reflection of their own observations.

I left with a lingering feeling of despair. Each piece in the exhibit seemed to underline the idea that we, as people, are machines for living, and that each act of life is an act of violence, oppressions, void of spiritual content. I have to reject that idea. I think we live in celebration of life, not as mechanistic, soulless participants in it.

I had to walk down to the Cathedral of Angels to cleanse my palate.

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