The Gettier Problem

Knowledge is justified, true, Gettier-proof belief.

I've been wrestling recently with the Gettier problem of knowledge. The other three conditions (justified, true, belief) are so succinctly stated, so intuitively defensible, but to keep using the phrase "Gettier-proof" as a shorthand for such an unwieldily set of conditions seems too ... for lack of a better phrase, inelegant.

I see a possible means of escape from the clunkiness of the Gettier language. First, we might put an apostrophe by "Justified", and say that it is veracitous justification that counts. Justification which deceives is not really the sort of justification that counts toward knowledge, as per Gettier's famous objections.

Couple with this, we might specify the scope of the word "True", to make it specific to not just the conclusion, but the the process. In other words, not only that what we believe is true, but that the totallity of things that we believe in process toward what we finally believe must also be true.

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"Justified" was a way cooler solo album that yours ever will be. You might as well give it up.

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