Is Postmodernism really Hyper-modernism?

I have a nagging suspicion that postmodernism, as a philosophical edifice, has some cracks at the foundation. The epistemology seems to me to be more hypermodernism than anything.

Descartes has failed. The attempt to build perfectly certain knowledge from universal and properly basic foundations has proven to be a foolish project. In it's wake, however, it has left us with a limited definition of truth: that which can be logically derived. If something cannot be rationally defended from logical foundations, it cannot count as either truth or knowledge.

Postmodernism looks at this narrow definition, and says, "Nothing fits. Nothing succeeds at that kind of orthodox foundationalism. Therefore, nothing must be true, nothing can count as knowledge." In saying this, postmodernism has abandoned the project of modernism, but it has not abandoned the foundations, the limited definitions, the need for a mathematical kind of certainty as a prerequisite for knowledge.

Have we forgotten Kant? Have we forgotten that, in all of human experience, we never had access to that kind of certainty? Neumonon and Phenomenon have never been bridged by ration constructs.

I think, for postmodernism to succeed, it must not deny the possibility of truth. It must not abandon the project of communicable, propositional knowledge. Instead, it needs to reexamine the foundations left for it by modernism.

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Anonymous Brit said...

Oh Kev, you're so smart!

It makes me want to lick your balls all over!

Luv, Brit.

P.S. If you take out the Hummer again without asking me I will fucking kill you, bitch.

12:28 AM  
Blogger avi said...

books say things about stuff. so do pamphlets. it is good when people read and talk. smartness is federline. the people who tell you to just stick to being a dancer and bad father and husband have it all wrong. you should also pontificate and theorize and be an academic. i want to cheat off your paper. and see your magic wand spill its seed of brilliance.

9:29 AM  

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