Schönberg and Tonality

God, my head is killing me. I had way too much to drink last night, and my mind is still a bit fuzzy around the edges.

B and I got into a huge argument last night after dinner. She kept insisting that Schönberg's Chamber Symphony #2 represented a collapse of his tonal series exploration, and a return to the romantic sensibilities of his earlier writing. She thinks that he was turning his back on the experiment of the early 20th Century.

Which is just insane. I mean, Schönberg's entire trajectory was a movement away from convention. If anything, the #2 means that his audience had finally come to accept the contrapuntal density and harmonic exploration of his middle period, and that any further departure necessitated a ironic reuse of the staid materials of a previous era. It wasn't a defeat for innovation, it was the first truly post-modern use of irony in thematic development. The thing being self aware, and being a parody of itself while being the thing.

God, she's such an idiot sometimes.

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Blogger Alex said...

whoa K u kno sum big ole words.good job lil buddy.

5:47 AM  

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